Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Baking - Part 1

Today is the day I'm starting my Christmas baking. I typically take the approach of making a couple of different cookies on different days. Some of the days I just do by myself to get them done but I always try to schedule a couple of the days as a multi-generational baking day. My mom is going to come over tonight and bake cookies with me and the kids.

I sat down this morning and decided what cookies we were going to make, I then went through my pantry and put together a shopping list for what I don't have. Here's what we are going to bake this afternoon

Carrot Cookies
Pecan Fingers
Lemon Cookies

I choose these because they are fairly easy to make. I found that on our multi-generational baking day the simpler the cookies that less stressed I am. Last year my grandma was well enough to bake with us, I found that the pecan fingers were easy enough for her to roll in the powerdered suger even though her coordination was off. If you have an elderly relative or neighbor I would encourage you to invite them over for an afternoon of baking, I'm sure they would really enjoy it like my grandma did.

No, I don't have coupons but I'm not going to stress out about that either. I know it would have been cheaper to plan ahead and look for sales but that would have put a burden on me that I couldn't deal with right now.

Before my mom gets over here I'll measure out the ingredients for each of the cookies to make a quadruple batch. I've found that if I have everything pre-measured before everyone gets here it's less hectic and I'm able to keep my kitchen from being a complete disaster.

My plan is to have enough cookies that I'll be able to send some home with my mom, put together plates at Christmas time for some of our friends/co-workers and also serve at a couple of holiday parties. Since we live in a cold climate I don't need to worry about freezer space, I just put them out in the garage in tightly sealed containers.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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