As women today we are pulled in many different directions. Whether you work outside or inside the home, we all have multiple priorities competing for our attention. Juggling those priorities while staying true to ourselves and living the life we want to lead can be very challenging.

After years of trying, I have finally come to the realization that I am not Wonder Woman. However, that doesn’t mean that I have to settle for mediocrity. It is possible to be a super hero; it’s just a matter of redefining what that super hero looks like to you and your loved ones. Focusing on what’s important and finding ways to clear the noise and clutter of the non-important areas of our life is the key.

Let Me Tell You a Little Be About Me

Like you, I wear many different hats. Professionally I’m a director of a financial analysis department. While climbing the corporate ladder I have been fortunate enough along the way to be mentored by some amazing women. My goal is to repay the generosity they have shown me by mentoring other women, helping them achieve the life they want to lead.

On a personal note I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 20 years. We have two children; our son is in college while our daughter is in high school. Juggling a career and family over the years has been a challenge. Creating a peaceful environment where my children feel like they are a cherished part of a strong family unit has been my goal. Through trial and error, as well as some wisdom from the women who went before me, we have found a system that works for us.

What You Can Expect

A professional presentation tailored to your needs

Prompt and professional replies to your inquiries

A personal phone consultation prior to you event

Customized resource pages including information that I believe will be helpful for your attendees

Communication after the event to confirm your expectations were met.


I am available to speak in Wisconsin. My presentation would be tailored to your unique event but the topics available include:
  • Achieving Harmony Between Work and Home
  • Simplifying Your Life
  • Preserving Your Sanity by Getting Organized
  • How to Achieve the Career You Want
If there is a topic I write about on my blog not listed that you would be interested in, please let me know. I would consider creating a presentation to fit your needs.

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please e-mail me at liz@wonderwomanimnot.com. Please include the following in your message:

  • Date of event
  • Desired length
  • Venue (conference center, hotel, etc) and location
  • Will the event be private or open to the public
  • Are you charging for this event
  • A brief description of what type of event this is and what you would wish your audience to take away
Thank you so much for visiting my page, I would be honored to be considered for your event.