Friday, December 23, 2011

Unplanned Desk Organization

I find that there are some areas of the house that "just are.....".  For whatever reason they haven't gotten any attention recently (or in years).  They sit there, quietly taken for granted and unseen by the homeowners while collecting dust.

We've had several areas like this over the years that we've been picking away at, slowly but surely.  When the area is done we always sit back and say "wow, why didn't someone tell us how awful it looked before!".  This is because in our quietly taking for granted state we don't realize just how awful it really is.

I don't think that many of us plan to have these areas, they just happen.  Maybe we're unsure what to do, maybe we don't have the time, money or energy to deal with them.  Whatever the reason, they are certainly there.

In some of my earlier posts I've talked about my Christmas decoration envy and how I was letting it go.  Yeah - that didn't quite happen.  The problem, I believe, is that I was way to ahead of the game.  Let myself get through a Christmas without some last minute frenzy?  Maybe one of these years I'll let that happen, just not this year.  Of course, nothing is ever easy so it turned into a semi-organizing project.

This is what our desk looks like on a typical day.

Since we've gotten laptops this desk really doesn't get used anymore.  A few facts
  • I don't know what papers are hiding in the cabinets and drawers
  • That purse hiding in the opening hasn't been used in eons
  • The computer hasn't been used in years (like 3+)
  • I have the kid's artwork on top collecting dust.  My son just turned 21 and there are items from his elementary school days up there.
  • The dust collector in the back is a ship that my father in law made back when my husband still lived at home.  It's seen better days.
As I was thinking about my lack of decorations and what I could do I realized this was a prime spot to decorate.  Of course, there needed to be some organization first.  I'm not going to pretend I'm completely done here, this organization is a "just enough to get by" kind of organization.
  • First thing I did was to get the computer off the desk.  We have it's predecessor stuck back also, I really need to find a place to get rid of those things.
  • Next I went through the cubby holes getting rid of items that we didn't need.  I had five disposable cameras up there, it will be fun to see what comes back!
  • Packed up the kids "treasures".  I will bring a couple back once the holidays are done but not to this level.
  • Thoroughly dusted (which actually meant bringing out the vacuum cleaner to get up behind the desk)
  • Shopped for the garland (it was my husband's fault, he sent me back to Hobby Lobby to exchange a wreath.  Otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have been tempted :)
  • Re-organized the cords
This isn't perfect and now that my eyes have been opened I have all kinds of ideas for this part of the family room.  Of course it requires money so it will be going on my 2012 financial goals list.

Here is what the desk looks like now.

What have you been organizing this holiday season?

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  1. Darn.... I was kinda waiting for you to come organize MY desk!! *wink* I haven't organized anything 'big', but I have a cupboard that houses my candle 'stuff' (tea lights, votives, jar candles, tarts, warmers, scented oils, holders, etc). Every time I went to get something out I'd really have to dig OR something would inevitably fall out when I took something out. I finally pulled EVERYTHING out, cleaned it & organized it with baskets & a wire shelf. Ahhh! So much better!

    Love your snowmen! Merry Christmas!

  2. We had a desk area like this about three years ago, crammed with an unused computer, stuffed drawers, and stuff behind and under and on top of it. One day I opened my eyes and realized what an eyesore we had going on - in our front room no less. So in a fit, I went through all the clutter, unearthed the desk - and sold it to my in-law who actually needed a real desk. I have never regretted getting rid of and it actually looks NICE in their house. Perhaps getting rid of the desk and reclaiming your area is an idea? Or sell it and use the cash to finance your idea for that area? I am sooooo happy I did LOL!

  3. I am doing a really slow organizing still! A few things here, a few things there, it will all get done eventually, right? I do like getting something totally done, but sometimes when I am overwhelmed, I prefer to just work a bit on everything until some one thing looks manageable. That makes my house sound worse than it is, I think--although, maybe that is my selective vision, too. I know my family room needs a lot of help, and I wouldn't want to show off my old desk with the old computer online.

  4. Duckville - you're on your own when it comes to your desk. Whipping my house into shape is enough of a project for me! I do have to agree that it's much nicer to not have to pull out a ton of items to get to what you need. Having my family room closets organized has been a God send this year.

    Michaela - Isn't it crazy how we can be so blind? I'm glad you're in laws were able to use it. I do plan on getting rid of it, I just have to save up some money. My plan is to buy some kind of book shelf and a couple of chairs for that side of the room. Why is it all the good ideas cost money?

    Susan - It will get done eventually as long as you keep plugging away - I promise :) Anytime I get over whelmed by a project I just remind myself that a journey is made up of a lot of little steps. While the organizing journey I started this year has been a lot of work and overwhelming at times, I have REALLY noticed how much easier it's been making my life. You've seen some of my other before pictures - you know I have no shame!