eShow Opportunities

After a few requests to host eshows I've decided to offer up the opportunities to have your home party business promoted.  I've established some ground rules so that everyone is given equal opportunity.

  • Right now I'm keeping the eshows to companies I'm acquainted with (see list below)
  • Family friendly items only
  • Consultant must have been selling for six months or longer
  • Consultant must have their own website
  • Consultant must be willing to offer a giveaway equal to or greater than $20 (you will be responsible for sending out the giveaway)
  • While I will promote the show, sales are not guaranteed
  • Spots are open on a first come first serve basis.  I do reserve the right to deny a consultant if negative feedback is received

These are currently the companies that I'm accepting eshows for.  Check back as the list may change:

Pampered Chef
Uppercase Living
Southern Living
Tastefully Simple

Here is my schedule.  I'll update it as I finalize eshows.

August:  Usborne Books with Stephanie
September:  Lia Sophia with Heather

If you are interested in participating please contact me at

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