Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekly Goals

Monday - the day of reckoning.  I typically work feverishly the weekend before so that when Monday comes I can actually cross items off my list.  Is that really the way this goal thing is suppose to work?  I guess if it motivates me to accomplish stuff its successful so I can't argue. 

Here is what I said I would accomplish this week.

Decorate the house - accomplished the majority of this.  I still want to add a strand of lights to a planter out front and I need to put a few more ornaments on our family room tree.  Otherwise I'm doing well :) 

Finish shopping - pretty much done.  I still have a few gift certificates to pick up and I'll probably go out with my husband to pick him up another item or two but otherwise I'm done!!
Finish wrapping the gifts - everything that I have is wrapped.  The gift certificates that I'm going to pick up (or have hubby pick up) still need to be wrapped as well as a pair of shoes I ordered for Michael.  I'm on a roll with Christmas presents!
Bake cookies - I completed two different cookies and made the batter for a third.  I'm going to need to finish up this coming weekend.
Finish and order the Mixbook photo albums for the kids - total fall down!  This will probably be a late present
Write the posts for the holiday recipes - total fall down.  Blogging has been taking a little bit of a backseat.  I have so many ideas I want to share, getting them down is difficult.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some of my Christmas ideas written this year.  Of course it would help if I had a working camera to show you the projects!

I did also buy the new Nora Roberts book for my Kindle (guilty pleasure) that I read this past week and I do have a spotless house.  Of course I can't take credit for the house, my cleaning ladies rock!  I should have hired them years ago.

Now, for this week.  This is a crazy week and I'm not going to stress myself out.  My SIL is having a Lia Sophia party one night and I have a work dinner the next night.  That coupled with my effort to get to the gym leaves me with little down time.  I do have a few things that I need to finalize so I'm going to concentrate on those.
  • Finalize menu with caterer for work party
  • Finish family room tree
  • Finish front porch
  • Exercise 4x
  • Finish and order Mixbook for kids
  • Finish molasses cookies
  • Write Christmas posts
  • Finish "The Four Hour Work Week" 
I'm going to be honest, I really have been having trouble getting through this book.  It has a lot of interesting ideas but for some reason it's going slow.  The problem may be that I'm just so drained after work that trying to soak in more business information is difficult.  I'm going to try to remember to bring my Kindle to work and maybe read a little bit at lunch.

That's on my plate for the week.  What's on yours?

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  1. Ok.... give it to us straight.... Did you even sleep? My goodness, girl!!! I am maaaybe 1/2 way done with shopping. I haven't wrapped a single present, nor baked a single cookie. The few things I did have down on my list to do this past weekend did not get accomplished. However, and more importantly, I was able to do a Community Service Project with my Girl Scout Troop. And I was able to take a drive to the city on Sunday with my husband to pick up a custom made necklace I had ordered.

    Don't forget to be good to yourself. You don't want to wear yourself out & be sick for Christmas!!

  2. Ha - I did sleep, I promise. Saturday I spent the day with my mom baking (it goes so much faster with two of you). Most of my wrapping was done watching TV with the family in the evenings while the shopping was done via internet as well as one shopping day with the husband and each of the kids.

    Good for you on doing the community project with your troop. Is it horrible of me to say that I'm glad my GS troop leader days are over? It is a TON of working leading a troop.

  3. Lol!! I've been involved in Scouting almost all of my life, being a Leader was just something that I'd really always wanted to do. My Girl Scouts are now Ambassadors (16 & 17 yr olds) & next year will be their last year (& mine too!!!). I gave up being Communications Coordinator & Special Events Coordinator this year as it was becoming too stressful (as in others not doing their part made it so I couldn't do my job & I got the brunt of the anger from the masses) & I love Scouting & didn't want it to become a chore to just get through it.

    It sounds like you did have some relaxing down-time while accomplishing your goals. I can't wait to read your tips in your upcoming posts, as I was awake until 12:30 last night thinking about all I had left to do!!!

    *sitting eagerly at the computer awaiting non-super-hero knowledge* :-P

  4. You can sleep easy tonight with the visions of shopping I have hopefully planted in your head :)

    Of course, you have the gift wrapping and baking posts to look forward to Oh - how will you stand the anticipation!