Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Funny Things Your Christmas Tree Says About You

I received this link in my Taste of Home e-mail but this information was originally published in Reader’s Digest (one of the few magazines I subscribe to) in 2009. I thought it this was cute and worth sharing.
  • White lights: You ask houseguests to remove their shoes.
  • Multicolored lights: You’re an extrovert.
  • Blinking Lights: You have attention deficit disorder.
  • Homemade Ornaments:  You have lots of children.
  • Strung Popcorn: You have too much time on your hands.
  • Red balls only: You wish you lived in a department store.
  • Yellow star on top: You’re traditional.
  • Glowing Santa on top: You shop at Kitsch ‘R’ Us.
  • Cutoff top: You didn’t measure the tree.
  • Vague evergreen smell: You bought a healthy tree.
  • Strong evergreen smell: You sprayed your tree with Pine-Sol.
  • Just plain smelly: There’s a dead bird in your tree.
The above picture is our upstairs tree. Sorry the picture isn't the best, my SD card is broken so I had to take the picture with my Blackberry.  We'll need to get a new card before the holidays, I'm just hoping I'll be able to pull the pictures on the broken card off!   Just for the record, here is how we rank from the above:
  • I do have white lights (that's our company tree at the top of the post) and I do ask people to take their shoes off.
  • Do you really think I'd even attempt popcorn and cranberries?  There were years early on when I did debate doing it but I've since grown older and wiser :)
  • My tree doesn't smell at all since I have (gasp!) artificial trees.  We've had an artificial tree ever since we built our house 18 years ago because I didn't want to deal with needles in the brand new carpet.  A few years ago we moved to pre-lit trees because I honestly thought that I would have a stroke putting lights on the tree.  Getting pre-lit trees was a HUGE stress reliever for me.
  • I do have red and gold balls on our "company" tree because as a time saver I bought a "Tree in a Box" from a.........Department Store!
  • We don't have any tree toppers on the top of our tree since it looks like our Angel almost caught fire one year (she's horribly singed)
  • Yes - I do have a significant amount of homemade ornaments on our "family" tree but I wouldn't classify two kids as a lot.
Does this accurately depict you? 


  1. We have multicolored lights, our garland is red wooden beads, our tree doesn't have a smell either - ours too is artificial and we have a wooden & tin star at the top of our tree. Sooo, does that make me a Traditional Extrovert? lol

  2. At least you aren't a traditional extrovert with ADD :)

    We have the red wooden beads on our family tree downstairs and I love them! I used to add baby's breath to the tree too but that got to be a little much so I stopped doing that.

    You should post about your decorations and link it up in my decorating post. I think it's fun to see everyone's decorations.