Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vacation Week - Update

Well, I"m about half way through my vacation week.  Looking back I can't believe how ambitious I was at the beginning of the week, what was I thinking :)  Status check, here's what I've accomplished this week.

  • New blinds for the master bedroom (wasn't on my list but I've been meaning to do it for the last year since the old one was broken.)
  • Valances for the kitchen (once again wasn't on the list but since we re-did our kitchen about five years ago we've been meaning to do this one)
  • Started baking - still have a lot to do
  • Started shopping - I'll be going out this evening with my son to get quite a bit more done.
  • Cleaned kitchen pantry
  • Finished ironing
  • Cleaned linen closet (towels do need to go on my Christmas list!)
  • Inventoried cleaning items, combining duplicates that were almost empty and made list of needed items (I keep cleaning items on two floors to make cleaning easier)
Today I'll get the food made to take to Thanksgiving dinner, make another batch of cookies, clean the linen closet and do some more shopping.

That's it for me - what do you have planned for the rest of this week?

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