Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vacation Week - Yeah!

I'm fortunate enough to be off of work for the full week of Thanksgiving. It's been so crazy at work that I still have quite a few days to try and squeeze in before the end of the year. Of course, for you working women out there you know that a vacation from the job just means time to kick butt at home.

Unless we're taking a family vacation or planning day trips I typically use my vacation to get caught up on things around the house as well as maybe meet a friend or two for lunch. Since we're getting close to Christmas this week is typically spent getting into the Christmas spirit. I typically like to make myself a list of what I want to accomplish realizing I'll be lucky to get half of it done. Some people like to keep their list realistic, I like to make my list encompass everything I want to get done. I always say shoot for the stars and be happy with the moon.

Here's my game plan for the week
  • Start Christmas baking (I'll post later a specific plan for what I hope to accomplish for baking)
  • Start Christmas shopping
  • Wrap any presents purchased
  • Get the trees up and decorate the house
  • Christmas cards
  • Plan menu/buy food for my department party I'm hosting in early December
  • Prepare food to take to Thanksgiving dinner (we go to two houses but I bring dishes to each house)
  • Clean and thin out kitchen pantry
  • Clean and thin out bathroom cupboards
  • Clean and thin out linen closet - inventory towels and replace if necessary (I've noticed some of the towels I use are falling apart, since I don't do the laundry I'm not sure if it's all of them or if my son keeps giving me the bad ones!)
  • Tackle ironing pile
  • Clean my closet/drawers and get rid of clothes I don't wear
  • Go through daughter's drawers and thin out her clothes with her.
  • Thoroughly clean all rooms (vacuum behind all furniture, take down blinds/curtains, etc)
  • Inventory, consolidate and replenish cleaning supplies
  • Go through paperwork that I've set aside to destroy/file
  • Have lunch with my mom
  • Get ahead on my school work so I'm not stressed out at Christmas when the final papers are due

I'm sure a few more unexpected items will make their way to my list. I'll update next week how successful I was.

Hope you have a good week!

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