Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pantry Challenge

I too have decided to take up the pantry challenge that Jessica at Life as Mom is hosting.  My goals are pretty straightforward and are not overly ambitious but I do feel that any steps in the right direction are good.

  1. Cook one more family meal per week (difficult to do with our schedules but I think can be done)
  2. Use items up in the pantry the following ways
    • Trying new recipes from cookbook I bought my husband for Christmas
    • Freezer cooking to re-stock freezer while emptying pantry
  3. Find a new way to keep pantry organized.  Although embarrassing, I'll post a current picture of my pantry later.  Keep in mind that I just organized it over Thanksgiving break - how does it get so messy!
I'm looking forward to the challenge, I don't expect to save much money since I'll need to buy meat to go with  some of the items, but I'm looking forward to providing my family with some home cooking which they don't get a lot.

Feel free to leave comments sharing anything you are doing for the pantry challenge.

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  1. Hey, I'm mary over at maryscountrylife.blogspot.com, I just joined the pantry challenge too and I look forward to following along with everyone!