Saturday, March 5, 2011

Freezer Cooking Plan - March

Our house has been HECTIC the last couple of months.  My husband has been filling in on 3rd shift which leaves him very little energy to do much of anything around the house (except a little bit of cooking =:) ).  In addition I've been traveling for work and going in almost every weekend so their hasn't been any freezer cooking around here and very little cleaning (ugh).

As you know, one of my goals for the year was to try and have more family dinners which we have been successful at.  A lot of that has been due to the fact that my husband has been willing to get up and make the dinner from scratch even though I didn't have anything prepared.  You got to love a husband who is willing to bake a chicken, shred it for chicken tacos and make sure the table is nicely set so that when I walk in the door we can eat!

My goal for this weekend is to get some meals back in the freezer so that it's a little easier for the family to put dinner on the table.

Here is my plan - a little ambitious considering I'm leaving for work shortly, still need to grocery shop and have invited my parents over for dinner (I'm only doing pizza but it's still company)

Bake and shred chickens (how many I do depends on how expensive they are)
Lasagna pan (as many as I'm up for)
Enchiladas - haven't made these in a while so I think the family will be pleasantly surprised.
Chicken soup with the chicken carcasses - a friend of mine at work has been after me to do this as she states it's incredibly easy.  I'll be the judge of that!
Cranberry relish - a family favorite and I have some bags of cranberries to use up.

I'll let you know later how I do.  Good luck with your cooking plans - I'd love to hear what they are.

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