Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jenny Craig - Week Two

Today was my third weigh in and to my delight (and surprise) I was down three pounds.  I can honestly say this is for the most part a pretty easy diet, but I do struggle a little bit when eating out which I did four times this week.  By planning and staying strong I did fairly good, however the Mexican night did me in with a couple of margaritas, chips and table side made guacamole :)

I picked up my Bodymedia armband last Saturday and have worn it religiously since.  The armband tracks your calories expended, activity (broken down by moderate and vigorous), steps taken and sleep pattern.  The foods you eat and your weight is also entered into the website to help track your progress.  I have found that this awakens the competitive spirit in me to make sure I hit my daily targets.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a gambling trip with some friends.  Even though it's just one night away from home I did have to really think about how I was going to handle the bus ride where there is historically A LOT of fattening food.  The counselor really helped me think through things that I could eat during the trip that wouldn't make me feel deprived and yet keep me full.  Luckily the restaurant at the hotel is a little  bit like a supper club so I'm expecting that I should be able to eat fairly decent there since there won't be any chips on the table!

I'll let you know next week how it went.

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