Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

often go awry.  I use that saying a lot and today was no exception.  My morning was spent at an open house at my husband's place of employment.  Once I got home I was planning on getting the following done:
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen and living room
  • Shred my three zucchinis
  • Make zucchini bread
  • Spend time working on the blog
  • Work on the basement
A little optimistic but somewhat doable, right?  Sure, if you don't have a dog sit on a bee's nest.  Shortly after I got home from the open house I took the dogs out to go potty.  They both went right away but I thought I would let them run around (our yard is fenced in) for a while.  My flower beds are a favorite place for them to play so I wasn't surprised when they both went right there.  Anna started acting goofy, running around the place but I didn't think much of it until Sophie started whining and batting at her face.  It turns out she was sitting on the nest and being swarmed by bees!

The bees have dug a whole underneath the pot to the left of long leaf that is bent over.  I was afraid to get much closer to take the picture!  Please don't judge me by my weeds :)

After I dragged her off the nest (I think she was to freaked out to move) and pulled a few bees out of her coat she ran into the house.  I thought both dogs were OK until I came back in (I was trying to see if we had any bee killer in the garage and called our neighbor to make sure their dog didn't get into the nest).  When I couldn't find Sophie I started panicking, when I found her under the bed not moving I really freaked out.  We're very fortunate to have a high quality emergency animal center within 30 minutes of our house that I was able to get her to.

Long story short, they're keeping my poor baby overnight but she is OK.  She had quite a few bee stings and was in a little bit of shock but she's responded well to treatment and should be able to come home tomorrow morning. 

Of course any overage in my budget that I had for the month is shot and I dread writing my financial update at the end of the month, but our dogs are part of the family and treating Sophie was not an option. 

As far as the bees, I'm planning on waiting until dark and then pour boiling water down the hole followed by bee poison.  Hopefully that will take care of the situation.  Obviously the dogs can't go back there until we get the nest taken care of.

I guess I'll go clean my kitchen now, after I kill the bee that's just started buzzing around my head!  I must have missed on one Sophie's coat when she came in the house

Any other suggestions for dealing with the bee's nest?


  1. I hope you killed your bees! That must have been very bad if they kept your daughter over night. I'm glad she is ok.
    Keep up that job wearing the high heals. In God's timing, he will lead you in another direction. His timing is always perfect. We just have to trust that!

  2. The bees seem to be gone, I think the hot water did the trick. We didn't want to use poison so we went with the hot water. Fortunately Sophie is doing well and doesn't seem to have any residual problems.

    I do trust that God will put me where I need to be when I need to be. It has been incredible what he has done with my career. Hopefully the seeds that I am planting now will bloom within the next five years and allow me to use my talents to make a difference in peoples lives versus just the pockets of the shareholders!

  3. Oh no!! Poor Sophie!! Glad that everything turned out alright... And yes, I know, our critters are part of our family too... Back this past fall our older Jack Russell ended up with a rare form of skin lymphoma...His bills were close to $1000 by the time he was diagnosed, but what can you do?

    We just drove to NC to get our new puppy - a rescue. That was part of our vacation time, but, he's cute... we're suckers... lol

    Glad to know that the boiling water killed the bees. I'll keep that in mind.

  4. Sophie is doing well and back to her usual self but she hasn't ventured back to the flower bed yet! I'm so sorry about your Jack Russell. We've lost a couple of dogs to weird autoimmune diseases and it just breaks your heart to see them suffering. Your new puppy is absolutely adorable :) You'll have to post updates as to how he's fitting in with the other dogs.