Sunday, October 10, 2010

Free Clothing!

For some reason I don't know anyone who has a girl older than my daughter so I'm always the one giving away her clothes for free to my friends and nieces. A couple of weeks ago I had helped out at our church rummage sale and scored a great deal on some brand name jeans and t-shirts.

Today the woman who I had bought the clothes from (we worked together at the sale so she knew what I had taken) brought to church a few more items her daughter found while going through her closet. She didn't want anything for them so I got them for free! My favorite price :) Next time I make my chicken chili I'm planning on making some extra for her as a thank-you.

The clothes just fit now so I don't know that they'll last more than a couple of months (my daughter is in a growth spurt) but they should get us through to Thanksgiving when my daughter and I do our annual day after Thanksgiving shopping spree to buy her some new clothes. Here's what we got:

Two more pairs of jeans
3 light sweaters
2 t-shirts

Since this woman's daughter is done growing this will probably be the last time we'll be able to take clothes from her - to bad we didn't talk about clothes sooner =:)

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