Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rock Star Mom

As a mother I sometimes feel like a complete failure. There are many times that I have disappointed my children and believe that they are taking notes to write their own 'Mommy Dearest' books. Then there are the other times that I really feel like I have earned the title 'Rock Star Mom'. I thought I'd periodically share some of my mommy dearest moments as well as my rock star moments in the hope that some of you can relate and we can all commiserate together. I'm also hoping that if I put it down in writing I'll realize that maybe they cancel each other out and I'm not really that bad.

I'm going to start with a Rock Star Mom moment. They don't happen as often as I'd like but when they do I certainly feel like a million bucks. It all started last Monday when my daughter came home and told me that this past Friday was going to be 80's day. Be still my heart - the decade that I grew up in! I absolutely KNEW I could hit this one out of the park. Since I've been trying to get rid of all my old clothes I had nothing that the girls could wear (we were including Danielle's friend Katie in our adventure) so we planned to go shopping Thursday after I got home from work.

I spent the whole week planning different types of outfits for the girls, over sandwiches at the counter I showed them my ideas on the internet. Mike agreed to accompany us on our adventures and rate our authenticity of the costumes. I'm not a huge fan of goodwill but we gamely searched through racks and racks of color coordinated items and finally came up with two costumes. Who knew that we would be fortunate enought to have leg warmers back in style!

Katie ended up wearing a argyle vest with a white blouse & color coordinating tie (I couldn't find the square cotton ones so we weren't completely authentic) , leg warmers and big hoop earings. Danielle wore a white cotton shirt with a black studded belt slung low across her hips, leg warmers, big hoops and an armful of jelly bracelets. Both girls rocked the side ponies. I knew we were successful when the next day Katie told me that her dad said she looked exactly like someone he dated in high school. We had quite the laugh over that one once we got over the ick factor.

Both girls were so appreciative and excited that it was well worth the effort and expense (Goodwill isn't as cheap as I would have hoped). I got big hugs from both girls as they went off to school. I'm hoping these are the moments the kids will remember.

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