Monday, January 9, 2012

Goals for This Week

I am stressing big time this week. January is hitting me with both barrels and I’m struggling to remember to be calm and focused. I’m going to take a deep breath, make a plan and then work it. Plus, repeating “I can manage, I can manage” several hundred times might be helpful as well.

My biggest issue this month is that I have two trips going on. The first is personal while the second is for business. Of course it really doesn’t matter if it's business or pleasure; both require me to be out of town and not at work or home. In addition, my department was given a very large project last week that needs to be implemented in a very short time frame. It will also be important that I still find time to exercise since that is one of my goals for 2012

When I find myself stressed and overwhelmed I find that putting a timeline to my items helps me prioritize and focus on what needs to be done.  Here is my goal for this week

  • Finalize details of customer presentation – Monday EOD
  • 1st draft of documents for new project - Monday EOD
  • Prepare PowerPoint for Thursday meeting – Tuesday EOD
  • Prepare documents for auditors – Wednesday EOD
  • Start presentation for meeting – Due 1/17 EOD
  • Shop for 70’s outfit (my trip at the end of the month requires me to dress in 70’s garb – this is adding quite a bit of stress to my life right now)

  •  Finalize agenda for trip (we’re visiting relatives and there’s a lot of coordination needed to catch everyone!)
  • Pack for trip – make sure kids pack appropriate clothing
  • Pick up snack food/sandwiches for the drive (I may delegate this to the kids even though it will cost me more money)
  • Send out passport renewals
  • Renew Michael’s license plate


Exercise! I’m not going to let this one fall by the wayside. This is the only personal goal I have for myself this week.
Enjoy the trip - I'm going to have to do some work on this trip.  However, I'm going to focus on not letting the work take over the whole trip and enjoy the couple days I have with my family.

 Ok, I feel a little bit better having this on paper. Now I better get cracking because I have a number of items to complete yet today!

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  1. Found some really 'schnazzy' 70's outfits at the Salvation Army.... one was a very bright pink, orange & green paisley jumpsuit with a matching belt.... woo woo *wink*

    You're right, having things on paper takes the stress from your brain trying to remember what to do next. Good thinkin'!

  2. Sounds perfect! I'm speaking at the meeting so I want to find something fun yet professional. I've been looking online and haven't found to much. When I get back from vacation I'm going to have to hit the the re-sell shops hard.