Sunday, January 8, 2012

Menu Planning Week of 1/7/2012

As I've entered the 2nd week of the pantry challenge, things have been going pretty good.  We finally used up the meatloaf last week that had been languishing in the freezer for quite a while.  I've also been using up some other odds and ends from the freezer that have been sitting there for a while.  The best news of all, for the last two weeks we've come in under budget at the grocery store.  Both weeks I only spent about $175, not bad considering I needed to do some baking this week for a party.  If you are looking for some delicious bars, check out Paula Deen's recipe for Toffee Gooey Butter Cake.

The Pork Carnitas that I told you we were trying last week were pretty good.  The kids turned their noses up at them so I offered them pulled pork sandwiches which they were happy with.  I think I need to play around with the rice a little bit, didn't taste as much like Chipotle Grill as I was hoping.  Overall the meal was a success and will be added to the rotation.

This is a pretty easy week for me in regards to menu planning.  The kids and I are taking a quick trip to St. Louis to see some family so I really only need to worry about the first half of the week for meals.  My husband is good at fending for himself, most likely he'll grill a bunch of chicken breasts and live on that while we're gone.  The kids and I will mostly be eating out or at a relatives house. 

Here is what's on our menu for the week: 
What are you planning on serving this week?

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  1. Strawberry salad sound fabulous--great menu plan!

  2. We are also eating from the pantry (except fresh fruit & veggies that I am going to buy). this is what we are eating this week :

  3. i punned the toffee gooey cake. looks delish. glad you have an easy week. its always nice to have a couple nights where u dont have to worry about dinner!
    Here is a link to my pantry challenge update