Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Menu

Last week I deviated from the menu plan and snuck spaghetti in instead of the Chicken and Stuffing.  Let me tell you, the kids were NOT happy.  The kids aren't quite the fan of spaghetti and meatballs that Mike and I are.  I hear lots of crabbing from the kids about how often we make it.  Oh well, when they start paying for the food and doing the cooking they will get to plan the menu :)

Since the Chicken and Stuffing recipe is Belle's favorite, we're going to go ahead and try it again this week.  I had been hoping to get four family meals in this week but Mike is on second shift three nights so we're having some more planned take-out (versus the unplanned I've been doing!) since it's just the kids and I.

I'm still playing around with my Grocery IQ app.  It's a little cumbersome in that while you can scan the item you want to your list, the price needs to be added manually.  Since I really want to use this as a gauge for how much I'm spending, that was an important feature I want to take advantage of.  Hopefully next week I'll have used it enough to critque it for you.

That's what's on my menu for the week, what's on yours?

Feel free to shar a link in the comment section to your menu.

I'll be posting this at Life as Mom, I'm an Organizing Junkie and Money Saving Mom

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  1. The only thing planned so far is today's menu - it was my Mom's birthday yesterday & we invited her for dinner today (No, we're not having codfish & The only thing she requested was tossed salad. So I'm making Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, rolls & salad. Sometime this week will either be tacos or sloppy joes (as King T & I have been craving those) and Cheeseburger Rice (as both kids, unbeknownst to the other asked for it). Does that count as a menu plan? King T will be out on the road Mon, Wed & Fri of this week, so it's usually 'Grab it & Growl' those nights.