Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sound of Silence


That's all you've been hearing from me for the last couple of weeks.  I need to apologize for not posting but sometimes we need to go into lock down to survive the stress of our lives, which is what I've needed to do the last couple of weeks.

First of all, let me say nothing bad happened.  Everyone is fine, I just was completely overwhelmed with "stuff" and needed to concentrate on completing the "must do".  Sadly my blogging didn't fall into that category.

January was a very rough month for me.  Here are some of the highlights:
  • Two weeks of travel (one personal, one business)
  • Major project at work resulting in more work hours required
  • Upheaval with schedules at home resulting in significantly more running for the momma
  • My commitment to a more healthy lifestyle
  • Not feeling well (combination of working out, travel and catching a cold)
My biggest obstacle to blogging the last couple of weeks was my commitment to a more healthy lifestyle.  As a working wife and mother, who to remind you is NOT Wonder Woman, finding time to blog without disrupting the family is difficult.  Typically I write for an hour or so in the morning before going to work and try to reply to comments and network in the evening.  When I sat down and went through my list of excuses for not exercising, time was at the top of the list.  Morning is really a good time for me to work out, but that cuts into writing time. 

Another issue is my son is taking a number of night classes this semester.  What this means that I need to do the running in the evening that he was doing for me, cutting into my commenting and networking time. 

When life throws us curve balls we need to reassess our situation, hunker down to wait out the storm and figure out a way to move forward with our new normal.  Temporarily putting my writing last was what I needed to do to weather this storm but I've also sketched out a new plan of action so I can continue to consistently post.

Going forward I'll be doing most of my writing on the weekends while still trying to spend some time in the evenings commenting and networking.  I usually have Saturday mornings free so my goal will be to utilize that time for writing.  I've also downloaded the Dragon APP to my new IPhone, (which I absolutely love!) this has been helping me to get down my thoughts regarding posts on my commute to and from work.  My goal is to get at least a week's worth of posts in the hopper by Sunday evening. 

Here are the posts I have written for the week:
  • My Weekly Menu Planning
  • Goal Planning for the Week
  • How and Why I Menu Plan
  • January Decorating Update
  • January Financial Update
Thanks for sticking with me during my leave of absence.  Hope you enjoy the upcoming posts.


  1. We all need to 'hunker down' at times, although I did wonder if you were ok. You were missed!

    You mentioned that you're trying to have healthier lifestyle and that you were catching a cold. Could it be that your body is cleansing? That sometimes 'feels' like a cold.

    Looking forward to your posts. Glad that everything is 'normal'.

  2. Thanks for missing me :) For some reason when I travel I usually get sick with a cold and some tummy troubles. I think it's a combination of eating differently, lack of sleep, germs and forcing my muscles to do stuff they forgot to do!