Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a Difference a Couple of Words Make

A few friends and I recently started an investment club, we had one of our meetings last week.  I needed to leave the house before Mike got home.  He's notorious for forgetting things that I tell him so I asked Belle to let him know where I was at.  Here's how our conversation went:
Me:  Please tell your dad that I'm at my investment club.  He'll probably forget that I was going out tonight so be sure and let him know.
Belle:  Yeah - yeah.  I'll be sure and tell him
As I'm sitting at my friends house enjoying a glass of wine and some awesome appetizers, I hear my text notification.  We hadn't gotten down to business yet so I decided to see who it was.  The text was from Mike asking me to call him as soon as I could.  Here's how our conversation went.
Mike:  What kind of people are you hanging around with and why wasn't I invited?!?  (in a slightly grumpy voice)
Me:  What in the world are you talking about?  Didn't Belle tell you where I was at?
Mike:  Oh yeah, she let me know what you were doing.  
He then started laughing and proceeded to share his conversation with Belle.
Mike:  Where's your mom?
Belle:  She's at the Mile High Club.
Mike:  She's where?
Belle:  The Mile High Club.  She told you but you forgot - you forget everything!
Mike:  Trust me, I'd have remembered if she was going to the Mile High Club (by now he had figured out that she messed up the name of my investment club and was teasing her)
Belle:  I know she told you she had the Mile High Club meeting tonight - that's where she's at. Mike:  Do you know what the Mile High Club is?
After he explained to her what is was you know what her comment was? "Hmm, you're right.  That's probably not where she's at."

I did need to explain to my hostess why I spit wine all over her floor.  We've decided to rename our club to the Mile High Club - it's sound so much more exciting than what we're really doing :)

Oh, what a difference a couple of words can make.


  1. That is funny! I live with 4 boys and my husband..I know how easily things can get messed up with messages around here

    1. With four boys I'm sure you have a lot of examples! Hope your writing them down so you remember the cute things they say :)