Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jenny Craig - Week Three

Not so much of a hot week this week.  I was only down .2 lbs this week - basically flat from the week before.  While I'm disappointed because I really just want to go to bed and wake up skinning - I'm keeping things in perspective.  1)Not every week is going to be a big weight loss weekend.  2) I was out for a nice meal with family the night before.  While I made good choices I always seem to be heavier the next day after a good meal  3)Sometimes our weight just fluctuates a little.  4)I did have an ice cream cone and a cupcake during the week.  Not a major sin (you do have to have some enjoyment in life!)  but there are consequences for our decisions and I guess a poor weigh in week was mine.

One of the things I really like about meeting with the counselor (overall not my favorite part) is the 'planning' for the next week.  Every week there is going to be some kind of road block that will prevent us from eating well.  Understanding what my roadblocks are and planning out how I'm going to handle them helps me do better.  One of my big road blocks this week is taking my staff out for a celebratory lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant.  Good choices isn't really an option so my plan is just to eat smaller portions and still enjoy myself!

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