Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend Plans - what I hope to accomplish

It's quite a dreary day here in the midwest.  Since it was Easter weekend I decided not to go into work today.  I'm sure I'll pay for it next week but today it's good just to lounge around the house in my pajamas.  I also treated myself last night to a massage, I do feel a little self-indulgent :) 

As of I've said in some of my other posts,  I have a problem with relaxing and my husband is working today so I thought it would be a good day to tackle some of those projects that I've been meaning to do and haven't quite gotten to. 

Here is my plan for the day - keep in mind I know that I'm not going to get through all of them, I like to aim for the stars and settle for the moon :)

Grocery shop -Planning on doing this after the husband gets home from work.  It will be our 'date night'
Dye Easter Eggs -Eggs are boiled, just waiting for them to cool
Clean the house -Almost done with this.  I decided to do a deep dive (moving furniture, etc) so I called in the kids to help out.  Just need to finish the kitchen
Clean out my closet and get my summer clothes out/organized - Almost done with this too.  Everything is one the bed, just need to finish organizing and getting my Goodwill bag put together.
Clean the kitchen pantry
Clean out and organize the bathroom cabinets
Clean out the laundry room (which also happens to be our storage and 'catch-all' room)

We'll see how much of it I accomplish today.  What's on your agenda?

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