Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun Summer Idea

Are you looking for something fun to do this summer?  Don't forget about your community zoo or petting farm.  We're fortunate enough in our city to have a small zoo that is free of charge.  Even though I don't have little ones, big kids enjoy it too!

Last Friday I was looking for something to do with Belle that didn't include ear piercing (long story) and decided to take her for ice cream.  I offered her the option of bringing a friend so I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with two 15 year old young ladies.

Even though it was a scorcher of a day we decided to take our ice cream down to the lake to eat it.  Once there the girls saw the zoo and begged me to take them.  I know - I was shocked too! Who would have thought that at that age they would want to go to a petting zoo.  When my whining about how hot it was didn't deter them I gave up and took them to see the animals.

In case you were wondering what the animals in the zoo do when it feels like 105 outside I can answer that for you.  Nothing!  Even the camel was flat on his back and wanted Belle to put the food right into his mouth.  He finally did get up for about 50 cents worth of pellets (not sure if he though it was worth the effort or not) and the girls had fun feeding him.  Of course, I was glad that there was a hand sanitizer nearby :)

For the price of three ice cream cones and $1.00 in zoo pellets we got to see a camel, some lazy monkeys, wolves, sheep, llamas, calves, birds and a skunk.

What do you do with your teenagers for fun?

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