Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly Menu

Last week we didn't do such a great job following our menu.  We had the spaghetti but that was the only meal that we were actually able to eat as a family.  I had an unplanned business dinner pop up, plus my husband's new (to us) motorcycle was finally ready to be picked up.  Between those two events, two of our free nights became unavailable.  I'm not sure what happened to the other night.  I've had a headache for the last week and I probably just didn't feel like cooking.  The chickens that I had planned on serving had been thawed so I did go ahead and cook them, the family just ate them as left overs.

While the kids were at their grandparent's on Friday night, Mike and I went to Outback for dinner.  Outback is one of our favorite favorite restaurants, we go there about twice a month.  I especially like going there on Friday nights during happy hour.  What's better than a White Zin Sangria from Outback?  Two for the price of one!!  Unfortunately they lost our food ticket and it took them almost an hour before they came out and told us why we hadn't received our food.  Luckily for them I had a massage Friday afternoon and had plenty of time to drink my sangria's :) Unfortunately for them my husband gets crabby when he's hungry :(  The owner was nice enough to comp our meal for us which was a nice surprise.  I can also say that my New York Strip was the best that I've ever had, well worth the wait!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I've barely thought at planning dinner.  My son did my grocery shopping for me today with a half-baked shopping list.  As we were putting away the groceries I realized I didn't have anything for a full meal, he's at the store right now picking up some of the items that we missed.

Here is what I'm planning on whipping together.  I know it's not overly impressive but with this migraine I've been fighting it's about the best I'm going to muster this week.  The kids are not going to be happy with another night of spaghetti - oh well!

Taco Buffet
Spaghetti and Meatballs, glazed carrots, garlic bread, strawberry salad
Brats, roasted potatoes, corn, Homemade applesauce, Quick Apple Crisp
Fend for yourself/take out

That's it for me.  What's on your menu?  Feel free to post a link to your menu in the comments.

I'll be linking this up at Money Saving Mom, Life as Mom, I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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