Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekly Goals

I’ve gotten into a little bit of a funk lately. Last week I was on vacation, typically that means a huge list of items to accomplish. Not this time, unfortunately there was very little accomplished besides getting some Christmas shopping done (and wrapped) and one of our trees put up. I did very little else around the house (including blogging!)

While I am doing pretty good on the Christmas front, to keep the momentum going I need to get out of this funk and get some stuff done. This week’s goal list is a little different in that it’s more a to-do list of projects. I’m not going to worry about my reading or improving myself; I just need to get things done. It feels a little like I’m going into crisis mode without really having the deadline of Christmas here. I really just want to get the items done so I can actually enjoy the season instead of stressing about it.

Here is what I hope to accomplish this week:
  • Decorate the house (this does require that I take down the fall decorations, I’ve already gotten a little grief about having carved pumpkins on my porch with a lighted Christmas tree inside my hose)
  • Finish shopping (there will be a few stragglers to pick up for the husband and kids but the extended family and the majority of the kids will be done)
  • Finish wrapping the gifts
  • Bake cookies (I’m cutting back this year, I really don’t need all that temptation in the house)
  • Finish and order the Mixbook photo albums for the kids.
  • Write the posts for the holiday recipes.
If I can get this list accomplished I’ll be feeling pretty good. What’s on your goal list for the week?

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  1. This past weekend I took down AND actually put away all of my fall stuff. King Turd put up the lights outside & the kids & I decorated the inside. Tonight I just finished with the last of the decorations. Ever since I reeeeally started to declutter in the past year, I've cut back on the number of things I put out. At the end of each season, I look at what I did & didn't put out & I've been putting lots in the donate box. This weekend I want to get out my Christmas dishes. We also do a gift exchange at school (little things every day over a 2 week period). So I'd like to get those all done up & wrapped so I don't have to think about it. That's it for the remainder of this week.

  2. Duckville - Hopefully you did well with your goals. I've found myself cutting back too. This year I'm trying to actually get rid of stuff instead of just not putting it up. For some reason I feel emotionally attached to some Christmas items, even if I don't like them.