Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lipton Tea Stock Up

While I don't want to say "I'm on a diet", I have been trying to cut back on certain types of food to reduce my calorie intake.  One way that I've been doing that is to stop getting the Sweet Tea from McDonald's.  I don't have many vices in my life, but a breakfast burrito and Sweet Tea from McDonald's is one of them.

To wean myself from that very high calorie meal, I've switched to a breakfast sandwich at home and a bottle of Lipton Tea.  Yes, I know that it's significantly cheaper to make tea myself and that I would then be able to control the sugar added but right now I need the convenience of the bottled tea (plus I love it!)

What I don't love about Lipton Tea is that it is a little expensive.  At our grocery store it runs about $6 for 6 bottles.  You can imagine my excitement when for the last three weeks my Lipton Tea has been on sale 3/$12, basically it's buy two get one free  I typically only like to buy one per week so that I'm forced to limit myself to one bottle a day, but since this is such a killer sale (that doesn't come along very often) I've been stocking up. 

So - that's my great find for the last three weeks.  Not as exciting as some of the deals I've gotten but since this one is so near to my heart it's one of my favorites :)

What great deals have you found this weekend?

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