Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Week's Goals Update

Two days left before I go back to work.  I thought this would be a good time to do a check of what I still need to accomplish:

Go through Belle's clothes

Make a list and shop for school clothes
Go through Belle's dance stuff, make list and pick up anything she needs
Go through Belle's shoes, make list and pick up whatever she needs
Take Belle to orthodontist
Get Belle's tooth pulled (this is a new one from her ortho appointment yesterday)
Call flexible spending account to verify availability of funds (this is also a new one from her ortho appt)
Go to concert - we skipped the concert.  I was to tired from cleaning :(
Go to baseball game (this was suppose to be a water park but plans changed)
Buy a freezer
Finish basement cleaning project
Switch purses
Organize Goodwill pile and take to Goodwill
Write some guest posts
Write ahead my own posts
Get my custom domain name working
Buy new blinds for living room
Look at paint for living room
Fix sewing machine
Plan mom's 60th party barbecue
Buy new picture frames and switch out pictures on living room shelf
Thoroughly clean my bedroom
Start new couch cushions
Organize kitchen drawers and cabinets
Pick up birthday presents for two of my nieces' birthdays
Lose one pound
Exercise 2X this week

I'll let you know Tuesday what else I can cross off the list!

How's your to-do list coming?


  1. Wait--that's a week?
    Not a month.

    Wow. Well done with all the strike-outs!

  2. Alana - thanks! Keep in mind that I was on vacation that week so I had a lot of spare time. If I only had more vacation time :)