Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekly Menu

The menu I'm posting this week isn't the menu I planned - at all!  I guess that's what life is about though, punting when you need to.  We had quite the emotional weekend.  On Saturday my mother collapsed and was without a heart beat.  My sister's boyfriend was able to do CPR until the paramedics got there but she was still considered a "pulse less non breather" when she got to the hospital (amazing how quickly you learn the medical terms)

Saturday night we weren't expecting her to make it.  After working on her for about two hours they were able to stabilize her, put her into a hypothermia state and medically induced coma.  The only glimmer we had was when they let us see her in the ER she briefly opened her eyes (she doesn't remember any of this) and we saw that she recognized us. 

Yesterday (Sunday) they were able to wake her up and remove the ventilator.  She has no brain damage and is doing remarkably well.  Everyone in ICU is amazed at how well she is doing, we've heard it from the doctors, nurses and Chaplain who was called in to sit with us Saturday night.  According to the ICU staff 19 out of every 20 patients who arrive in the same condition either don't make it or suffer some form of brain damage.  For her to have non of that is amazing and quite exciting.  They said it was good for them to have someone responding so well since they are dealing with such traumatic circumstances.

My mother still needs tests, a surgery and a long road of recovery but she is expected to make a full recovery which is quite the miracle.  Thank you for the thoughts and prayers over the weekend.  God definitely heard.  One a side note, while this was pretty traumatic the timing couldn't have been better.  My dad was at work and the only reason my sister was over is they were getting ready to leave for St. Louis with my mom on Sunday.  My sister and her boyfriend had actually walked out the front door, my niece (12) saw the collapse and called her mother in.  If my niece wouldn't have been able to catch my sister and if they weren't taking the trip my mom would have been home alone and would not have made it.  Even worse is if she would have not collapsed until she was driving the next day.  I can't even think what could have happened if she was on the freeway when her heart stopped.  God truly had the whole thing orchestrated and her angels were definitely watching out for her.

Ok - thanks for bearing with me as I got that out of my system.  On to the menu.

Breakfast (hasn't changed from the original)
Breakfast sandwiches

Sandwiches (bagel & regular bread)
Frozen meals

Dinner (Since I will be at the hospital all week I'm not going to be cooking)
Chili (from the freezer)
Macaroni & Cheese (from the freezer)
Brats (my husband will grill and we'll eat when it's convenient)
Frozen pizza (hey - sometimes you got to take the easy way out)
Potato soup & Beer Bread (Tastefully Simple - one of the kids favorite meal)
Dinner with friends
Take out

Feel free to share you menu plan in the comments.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mother's heart attack. Thank goodness that somebody was there when it happened. Good luck with your mother's road to recovery.

  2. Oh dear!! Praying that she continues to heal!! Take a breath for yourself - even if it's just to take a bath or longer-than-normal shower. Please keep us updated.