Sunday, September 18, 2011

Menu Plan

I'm certainly glad last week is over, it was a pretty craptacular week if I do say so myself.  In addition to my mom have her little episode last Saturday, our car broke down on Monday, my grandma had a stroke on Tuesday and my dad severely cut hit finger (hit an artery) and needed to go to the emergency room on Wednesday.  I was a little afraid to crawl out of bed on Thursday.  The good news is my mom is suppose to leave the hospital tomorrow, my grandma didn't have to much damage from the stroke, our car is fixed and my dad's finger was stitched up and will be good as new.  I guess sometimes we just need a reminder of how fortunate we really are.

This week is going to be pretty crazy too so I'll be keeping it pretty simple.  Here's the plan for the week:


Breakfast sandwiches

Sandwich, Gogurt, mandarin oranges, string cheese and brownie for my daughter's school lunch
Kashi frozen meals
Bagel sandwiches
Lunch out

Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, salad and focaccia bread
Spaghetti & meatballs, Strawberry Salad, glazed carrots and garlic bread
Brats, grilled potatoes, Tomato Salad, regular salad and corn
Potato Soup and Beer Bread
Fend for yourself (usually consists of macaroni & cheese or pizza)
Dinner out
Cooking dinner for my parents at their house (I don't know what I'm going to cook yet)

That's my menu for the week - what does yours look like? Feel free to link up your menu plan in the comments.

I'll be linking this up over at I'm an Organizing Junkie


  1. I was just wondering how you were doing.... Glad to hear the news about your mom.... sorry to hear the news about your dad & grandmother....

    Sounds like my week a few years ago where my mother had a stroke on Monday and my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Thursday. I remember saying to my dad (who had a wonderful attitude all through his treatment & is now cancer free) "You know Dad, it sucks when both parents 'crap-the-bed' in the same week!' He just laughed.

    Hang in there. Prayers are still coming your way!

  2. Your menu sounds yummy, especially the strawberry salad. I just tried that not too long ago and loved it!

    Our menu for the week can be found below..

  3. Duckville - glad to hear your dad is doing well, hopefully your mom is too. Sometimes you just have to laugh, especially when the subject is emotional. She still has a surgery ahead of her to inplant a defibrillator but she should be find. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers

  4. Penny - I'm so glad you like the strawberry salad. My family loves it too, my husband actually pours the left over dressing on top of his other food. I think it's pretty gross but if he likes it.......

    You should share your salsa recipe on your blog, it looked yummy.