Sunday, May 22, 2011

How I Keep the House Semi Company Ready - Master Bedroom

I'm not even going to address the kids' bedrooms in this series because I can't get them to keep their rooms clean.  I try not to open my son's door at all, my daughter's room is hit or miss.  I like keeping my room picked up because I feel like a clean room gives the area a feeling of tranquility.  I also feel like I sleep better when I climb into a made bed versus one that is a jumbled mess.

My husband and I have a rule that the last one out of bed is responsible for straightening up the room.  During the week it's pretty cut and dry depending on our work schedule.  On weekends it's sometimes a game to see who can get their feet on the floor first leaving the other one to straighten up.

Before either one of us leaves for the day we take about five minutes to do the following:
  • Make the bed
  • Fold any throw blankets used  and put away in the closet (this is fairly regular since my husband likes the window open and the fan on while I'm wrapped in several blankets trying to stay warm)
  • Remote control on the nightstand
  • Pajamas that are going to be re-worn tucked under the pillow
  • Blinds opened
About once a week, usually when I'm picking up the living room, I also take about five minutes to do the following:
  • Dry dust
  • Vacuum
A couple of times per year I'll take the curtains down, dust with a lemon oil or Pledge, thoroughly wash the ceiling fan and do the windows.  This is what the 'good' side of my bedroom looks like when I (or my husband) leave for the day.  I have to admit, when I went to take the picture and I realized my husband made the bed I was tempted to re-make it.  However, in the interest of "keeping it real", I went ahead and left it as he did.  Obviously the remote control was on top of the bed instead of the nightstand like I prefer and there is a lump in the middle of the bed that is his pajamas!  At least he made it =:)

I say the 'good' side of my bedroom because we do have a dirty secret in our room that I don't like people to see or know about. My son is the official 'clothes folder' in the family. Once he folds the laundry he is responsible for bringing it upstairs for the owner to put away. What typically tends to happen is that my husband will just let his clothes sit on the dresser and/or have them put into his drawers so haphazardly that his drawers won't shut. This is how the 'bad' side of our bedroom looks.

For quite a while it really bothered me that he would do that.  I'd put away his clothes and constantly straighten and shut his drawers but would seethe about it.  I finally decided that clothes weren't worth the anger and hostility that I felt towards my husband so I decided to let it go.  No one sees our room (if we know we'll be giving a tour we'll make sure it's company ready) so I'm just not going to worry about it.  Every one in a while he'll decide to go through his clothes and put them away but otherwise we just let them sit there :)

What is your gameplan for keeping your bedroom clean?

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  1. The secret to a happy marriage is having hubby keep his clothes in the guest room!

  2. Ha! I wish we had a guest room :) He actually has more clothes than me. I need to find a way to get him to minimize his wardrobe.