Sunday, May 8, 2011

Look What Was In My Maillbox! Ok - not my mailbox but it was still fun samples!

I didn’t get any free samples this past week in the mail but I made a haul at a cooking event I went to. Both my daughter and I went so I got two of everything! As a disclaimer – I paid for the actual event itself; these were swag bags that everyone received as part of the occasion. I’ll be sharing more about the event in a future posting.

As part of our swag we received the following:

• Reusable shopping bag
• Cookbook (magazine size)
• 1-year magazine subscription (we had our choice of two different magazines, I chose one and my daughter chose the other)
• Toothbrush (these were on my shopping list for the week so “yeah”!)
• McCormick season sample pack (can’t wait to try all the different flavors)
• Hungry Jack Hash Browns – in a carton! Isn’t that a good idea? I probably won’t buy them all the time but I would most likely keep a carton or two around the house for whenever we are in the mood for hash browns, which doesn’t happen often.
• Chip clip
• Coupons

I’ve recently started signing up for more freebies so I’m looking forward to my mailbox filling up! Did you get anything fun for free this week?

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