Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spending Time with my Daughter - Shopping Trip!

My husband worked both days a couple of weekends so I had all kinds of free time to do whatever needed to be done.  There was the cooking, cleaning, a little bit of exercise and some blog preparation in addition to a nap or two.  I also took the time to take Danielle to the mall shopping on a mother/daughter excursion.

As the kids grow up it gets a little harder to get their attention as they rush around with their busy little lives.  I've found that if I offer to take my daughter shopping it's a little easier to get her attention.  Just to be clear - the expectation isn't that I buy her something every time but that she will get something if she needs it and/or she has her own money.  Today we did pick up some track shorts but otherwise this shopping trip was all about me!

As we prepare for our vacation I realize how little clothing I have for summer.  I try to buy clothes that can go across the seasons and then just add a few new relevant pieces each year.  Sunday we went to one of my favorite stores (Chico's) to check out their sales.  I saved 45% off the list prices on my total purchase but unfortunately it was still a little expensive.  I bought a shirt & tank, a t-shirt and two pairs of earrings.  Can you tell I was feeling springy?

I treated Danielle to a pretzel and discovered, much to Michael's dismay, that Cinnabon is no longer in the mall!  I also checked out the new line of Coach purses but cannot bring myself to spend that much money!  We had a lot of fun singing along to the 80's songs on the way home.

Do you like to bond with your daughter over shopping or do you find it stressful to shop with a teenager?

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