Monday, May 2, 2011

Rock Star Mom Moment - Lion Costume

I always say that my kids are going to grow up and write 'Mommy Dearest' books about me.  Trust me, I have given them plenty of moments over the years and I will definitely share some of them with you.  However, I also like to focus on what I call my 'Rock Star Mom' moments because they do exist.

I tend to be a little bit of an over-achiever even though I'm coming to grip with the fact that I'm just a so-so achiever.  Back when the kids were little I over-compensated for being a working mother by also trying to be Martha Stewart and Julia Child all rolled into one.

One of my favorite over-achievement times (and most stressful) was the creation of my children's Halloween costumes.  For my first Mother's Day, my husband bought me a sewing machine.  One of the first things I made on my sewing maching was a M&M Halloween candy costume for my son.  He was one year old, couldn't talk and was completely swallowed up by the M&M but we took him door to door and had a blast with him.  Since we were just a few years out of trick or treating ourselves we lived vicariously through our son!

Every year I tried to out-do myself with the cuteness and complexity of the costume.  This year was well before the Lion King came out but it is one of my favorite costumes.  Instead of saying trick or treat my son just roared at everybody when they opened the door.

It was only a year or two after this that we had a mommy dearest moment with one of his costumes, but I'll save that for another post!

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