Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How I Save Money - Very Little Dry Cleaning

I wear a couple of outfits a week that are dry clean only.  I really hate dry cleaning clothes for several reasons:

  • Time - who has time to drop your clothes off at the dry cleaners & then remember to pick them up
  • Money - Do you realize how expensive dry cleaning is?
  • Wear & tear on the clothes - My personal opinion is that dry cleaning is really rough on your clothes.
  • Chemicals - Who wants all those chemicals on their clothing and skin?
To ease the need for dry cleaning (I do still dry clean the outfits at the end of the season) I do the following:

  • Wear something underneath the outfits.  I always wear a shirt with sleeves underneath the jacket and some kind of nylons or Spanx underneath my pants.  The extra layers keep perspiration from getting on the clothes.
  • Be careful not to spill anything on the clothing.
  • Dryel - This also falls under the category of "Things I Love".  I think this is a fantastic product that I use to freshen up my dry clean only clothes on a monthly basis.
  • Hang up your clothes immediately after taking them off. This will allow the clothing to stay wrinkle free and fresh
  • Don't spray perfume or hair products on the clothes.  My personal opinion is that all that 'stuff' doesn't do the fibers in the clothing any favors.  Plus if you have different scents you like to use they can get all mingled together.
I can't really tell you how much I save a year but I would guess it's over $100 between the dry cleaning savings as well as getting more use out of the clothes.

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