Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spending Time With My Daughter - Royal Wedding

Who remembers when Diana married Charles?  I was eleven at the time (yeah - that makes me 41 now) and it was the event of the year for us young girls.  My best friend Ann and I spent the months leading up the the wedding buying magazines with our allowance, cutting out the articles and pasting them in a scrapbook to send to them as a wedding present (I don't think we every got it in the mail but I always imagined how enchanted Lady Di would have been by the gift).  Ann spent the night at my house and we were up super early with our faces glued to the TV all day watching the coverage.  The magic of that time still brings a smile to my face even though as an adult I see that it was all glitter with no substance.

The memory of how special that time was for me made me want to share the current event with my daughter.  I wanted her too to have some special memories of the big wedding for her generation.  We made plans for her best friend to spend the night and then watch it together in the morning.  Unfortunately her friend ended up getting sick so she wasn't able to join us but that didn't stop Danielle and I from partaking in the ceremony - no we didn't eat tea and scones while watching either although that would have been fun.

While I may be a little jaded about the whole royal wedding thing as an adult, we really had a good time.  Watching everyone arrive at the church, admiring the dresses and breathlessly awaiting the kiss was a great way to share some of my memories of the big day 30 years ago while creating new memories for her to share with her kids. 

Did anyone else watch the wedding?  Any comments about it?

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