Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things I Love - Wall Words

A few years ago a friend of mine had an Uppercase Living party and I fell in love - with wall words that is.  I actually booked my own party (which I really hate doing) because I wanted to buy more than I already had.  I've pretty much maxed out the walls on my house with words but I'm pretty happy with the results.

Why do I love wall words?

  • Meaningful phrases - I try to pick phrases that give me pause and force me to think about what's important, kind of like putting life's instructions on the wall
  • Fun - My daughter had fun picking out her words, she feels like she had the chance to really make her room her own
  • Easy - I'm not allowed to do any painting in our house (Yes - I'm that bad) but this is easy enough that even I can do it
  • Removable - Since these are easily removed I could add this to my wall at work personalizing my space a little bit
  • Looks cool - I like they way they look!

Here are some of the different areas that I've added them.  I apologize for the pictures - not the best lighting.


Danielle's Room (the green wall really isn't as ugly as it looks here!)

Bottom of the steps into the basement

Grown-Up Family Room

Our Bedroom

Do you have any decorating ideas that you went crazy with?

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  1. I LOVE wall words! I made some at one point but then I moved and I decided to buy a couple to save time. I have one over my couch and a couple in my bathroom. They're adorable and easy to take off! Bonus that that don't ruin the walls. Very cute!