Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Freezer Cooking Weekend

This weekend is one of my husband's weekends to work.  You know what that means - I'm going to have a super busy weekend trying to get a lot of stuff done.  It's been a while since I've done a full weekend of freezer cooking so I guess I'm over due.  We're also refinancing our house so an appraiser will be coming through.  Since I've done so many reorganizing projects lately I really don't need to do much but I'm thinking I'd like to get some of the closets cleaned out.  We'll see how much energy I have, they aren't so bad that I'd be overly embarrassed (just a little) to have them look in them.  Here's what I'm hoping to get finished as far as the freezer meals.  I'm planning on doing the "Meal in a Bag" solution that I shared over at Life as Mom for the main entrees.

Meatballs (I have a new recipe I want to try out, I'll let you know how we like them)
Shredded Chicken (for chicken tacos)
Cranberry Relish
Peel, slice & freeze apples for pies
Pumpkins - I saw this recipe over at MSM and thought I'd give it a try

I also think I've come up with a solution for my spice issue (you know the one - spices falling all over the pantry).  My plan is to finish it up this weekend.  My parents are also coming over for brunch on Saturday so maybe I'll put them to work :)

I'll share my results on Monday or Tuesday.  If you are planning on freezer cooking this weekend and want to share you plan feel free to leave a note in comments or link back to your post.

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  1. How do you freeze your apples for pies?

  2. It's pretty easy actually. I have a few different recipes that I use so I'll either:

    Dice them with the peel on and seperate them in two cup containers. I use these apples for an apple cake.

    The second way I prep them is to peel, core and cut them in sections. I have a corer that will core and slice all at once. I divide these apples in 6-8 cup bags and use them for traditional apple pie

    The final way is to use my apple peeler, corer, slicer which does exactly what it says. Peels, cores and sliced all in one fell swoop. I'll divide these into 6-8 cup bags and use them for Apple Brown Betty.

    My MIL has an apple tree in her back yard so we end up with A LOT of apples. I also usually am offered the opportunity to pick apples at a property my company owns if I need more apples.

  3. Well THAT sounds easy. I have a peeler, corer, slicer too.... You don't add anything? Just pop them in the freezer? Then thaw them slightly to use them?

  4. Don't add a thing. I know a lot of people will prep the apples for a filling but I don't like to do that. There are many different types of apple pies out there and I want the flexibility to make whichever recipe I feel like. For me the biggest pain is cutting the apples, not adding the ingredients. Even though I have my apples cut specifically for different types of pies they are pretty much interchangeable. If my apple peeler, corer, slicer worked better I might cut all mine like that. But......since it gives me fits I find it less stressful to sit in the living room watching a program that I DVR'd a month before but haven't had time to watch peeling apples myself :)

    I don't really let them thaw before using them since they will start to get soft. I try to get them in the oven as quickly as I can.