Monday, October 31, 2011

Just Dance 3

I am so pumped!!  We were just selected to host a Just Dance 3 party through House Party.  The best part is that we were going to have a birthday party that week for Belle's birthday - wait a great way to celebrate her birthday! 

Just had to share :)


  1. Ok... so I'm out of the loop.... Just Dance 3 is a game that you can get for Wii (and I'm assuming other game systems), right? So how were you selected to host a Just Dance 3 Party?.... tell us more... or did you post it before & I missed it... :-P

  2. House Party is a website that hosts "parties" on specific dates. When you get chosen to host a party you get free stuff for the party. This is the first time that Dance Party is being offered for Xbox so they are offering a free Just Dance 3 game for the hosts as a way to publicize that you can now get Just Dance for Xbox (see the free publicity they are getting from me!). We'll also get a copy of Just Dance 2 Kids for the Xbox for hosting, not sure if it's the same as the Just Dance 2 we have for Wii or not. Our guests who attend the party will get a coupon for $25 off an Xbox and Just Dance 3.

    Sooooo, we're having Belle's party on the 19th (when the House Parties needed to be held)and are getting a free game for doing that. It's like getting her birthday present for free :)

    They've had other parties that I wasn't selected for (like Johnsonville Pizza or Chef Boyardee) where you and your guests would get free food.

    The website is Right now Smirnoff is offering a party on December 17th where you can try some of their new drinks and get some other stuff. We're not big drinkers so I'm not applying but if I was hosting a Christmas party on that day I probably would just so I would have something different to offer my guests :)

  3. Ahhhhh.... I get it.... How FUN!!! And such perfect timing for you! Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.