Monday, October 24, 2011


For those who read my blog regularly you know that I make these crazy, over the top to-do lists knowing that I won't be able to accomplish everything on them but hoping to get as many done as possible.  The end result is I end up completely exhausted and burned out, fearing that I'm not enjoying life as much as I should because I'm so busy getting 'stuff' done.

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom has been writing weekly goals for a while touching on several different parts of her life.  I've been thinking that this may not be a bad thing for me to do.  Many of my things to accomplish aren't things for me or spending time with my family.

For the time being I'm going to just focus on my goals for myself and the house, there are other goals for the husband and kids but I'll keep those to myself :)  Here's what I hope to do this week.

For Me
Create list of books to read (I love to read but don't haven't made time in months to pick up a book, that needs to change!)
Exercise 30 minutes every day
Schedule a hair cut
Schedule a massage

For the House
Buy shelf and organize closet in basement
Organize cabinet in the boy's bathroom
Get estimate for house cleaning

What are your goals for the week?


  1. Those look like great goals! I've finally gotten back to reading books other than just school books for my college courses, and it feels so good! I'm sure you'll come up with a great list of books to read in no time.

    I hope you have a very productive week! :)

  2. My goal this week is to just get the 'basics' caught up - not add more... There are things in my livingroom, kitchen & bathroom that need to be put away & taken care of. I want to get those 'basics' caught up.

    The goal for myself is to make sure that I am home in a timely fashion tomorrow after school, so that I can head back out to a Spa Night at our local Tech School. It's $5 for manicures, pedicures, facials, haircuts, waxing, etc.... I'm planning on treating myself!

    One thing that I've learned when making my To Do List is to remember if I can get it done in one or two short steps then it CAN go on my To Do List. If it takes more than two steps then it's considered a PROJECT and I need to break it down into easy To Do's to accomplish it.