Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camping Meals

When we go camping we rough it; tents, sleeping bags, over the fire meals etc. One of my favorite meals to make while camping is breakfast. Our lunch and evening meals tend to be similar to what we eat at home (sandwiches, chips, hamburgers, etc) but breakfast we tend to do different things.

There are two main things that I like to cook for breakfast while camping, doughnuts and scrambled eggs. Here’s what we do:


Tin of dinner biscuits
Pronged skewers
Bag of cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar

Place biscuit on end of multi-pronged skewer, a single skewer doesn’t work well and your biscuit will end up in the fire. Hold the skewer over the fire and cook biscuit like you would a marshmallow, turning semi-frequently.

When biscuit is fully cooked place biscuit in bag and shake until coated. Enjoy!

Scrambled Eggs

If you’ve read about my Vegas trip post you will know how much I like breakfast, no different when I’m camping. One of the best ways that I’ve found to make eggs is to cook each person’s individually in a baggy. In a bowl, mix the eggs, dash of milk, seasoning and anything else you would want in an omelet (mushrooms, onions, sausage, bacon, etc), pour into a zip lock baggy and boil in water for about 14 minutes. Super easy and everyone gets exactly what they ordered. You can boil as many bags at one time that will fit in your pot.

I’ll be linking this up over at Life as Mom, do you have any camping meals to share. We’re planning a camping trip in August so I’m looking for good ideas.


  1. A word of caution about cooking the eggs in plastic bags.

  2. Kim - Thanks for the information, you are correct that there have been warnings against this practice. I too was concerned and looked into the matter a few years ago when I was first given this recipe. This is one of the subjects that's not quite cut and dry. Ziploc definitely does not encourage this as this is not what the bags are made for. However, from what I read the amount leached into the food is pretty minimal, since we don't do this very often I don't worry to much about it. Plus, quite a few of the products we use every day (water bottles, plastic containers to heat our food, etc) could cause contamination also. I actually freak out more about my husband and kids using foam plates in the microwave or putting food hot enough on them to melt them. This is one of those thing that I would encourage readers to do what they are comfortable with. If you're worried about it, don't do it.

    Thanks for your input.

  3. We always make-ahead our camping food and freeze it, and we LOVE it! I've developed a number of make-ahead camping recipes over the years, and gathered them all here:

  4. Wow! You're meals are quite impressive, don't know if I'm up for them :) The recipe for Garlic Butter Steaks looks pretty yummy, steaks are our favorite meal so we're going to have to try those out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ha, ha, ha!! I had to laugh - we did 'Breakfast in a Bag' at Girl Scout Camp, the girls loved it. Have you ever done Taco's in a Bag?

    We too 'rough it' and have tent camped for 12+ years. We have a huge family cabin tent from Cabela's (love that place) and a portable garage that we use for our canopy. The blue 30x40 tarp hanging from trees made us look like a circus... lol We recently bought a small RV, and have yet to go camping in it... I don't know if I'm going to like it.

    We usually make Camp pies, & Smores (using cookies instead of choc & graham crackers). We have a set bunch of things we generally make when we go camping.

    Since your kids are getting older, do you find it's different to camp? Our youngest just turned 11 & we have a 17 yr old still at home our 20 yr old moved out a year ago. Weird...

  6. Never did taco's in a bag, might be a good one to look up since my family loves tacos. My girls scout experience was a little different. We had a spoiled GS troup so we camped inside at the GS Center (I especially liked the full kitchen and showers :) I can remember one time we went on a hike and I had to take up the rear to keep the pushing some of the girls who kept repeating how much they hated hiking. LOL - glad we're done with that!

    We don't camp a whole lot, but I do find that it's much easier now than when the kids were little. I keep trying to talk my husband into a RV but it's a no-go. Our trip this August will be our first one this year, we'll see if he's ready to change his mind!