Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Give Back Thursday

Living So Abundantly and Life in a Cookie Jar are co-hosting a new weekly link entitled Give Back Thursday.  Life gets so busy that sometimes we take people for granted.  I liked the idea of purposely thinking about giving back throughout the week, even if it's something small.

As I think about what I did for others this week I'm a little appalled at how little I did.  I did come up with a couple of small items to share.

-Shared my strawberry bounty.  As I spoke about in previous posts (here and here) I picked a bunch of strawberries this week.  I took a couple quarts of prepared strawberries over to my in-laws (they love my strawberry shortcake) and I gave a couple of pounds of fresh strawberries to one of my neighbors.

-Shared our patio furniture and yard (for games) with our neighbor who threw a 4th of July party for her cousin who is leaving for Afghanistan.

Not much, is it?  I'll definitely be thinking about this more over the coming week so I can do a better job of giving back.

What about you?  What have you given back this past week?


  1. Wow!! Strawberry bounty...wish I was your neighbor :0) As a kid we always went strawberry picking this time of year. YUMM-O! Lovely post! Thanks for participating!!!!!!!

  2. Those were big ways to give! Strawberries were such a sweet gift, and I know I'd like some! That is great that you were able to help your neighbor out. I'm sure that meant a lot. Thank you for visiting Give Back Thursday. =D What a great post to read!