Friday, July 1, 2011

Pantry Challenge

Did you know that Thomas Edison made over 10,000 attempts before he had a working light bulb.  However, he didn't view himself as a failure.  He was able to definitely tell you 10,000 ways a light bulb wouldn't work.  I try to keep that philosophy in mind whenever I fail at something, there are many of them!

This past January I was all pumped and ready to participate in the pantry challenge.  Guess what, I failed.  However I'm ready to try it again!  Just like everyone else our life is really hectic, working outside the house adds a different dimension.  Unfortunately meal planning and cooking falls a little by the wayside.  I like this pantry challenge because it is a little more loosey goosey, which I thrive on!

I will be joining Jessica at Good Cheap Eats for her pantry challenge this summer.  Here are my goals:

Clean out and re-organize the pantry (already working on that!)
Use up product that has been sitting in the pantry for a while
Eat together more as a family - healthier meals
Clean out refrigerator and freezer

What about you?  Are you joining the challenge and what are your goals?



  1. I love your goals. I'm trying it too!

  2. I'll be sure and check back to see how you're doing. Hopefully we'll both have some success :)

  3. I did the exact same thing in January: tried valiantly to do the pantry challenge and failed. Well, I'm with you this go-around. I will be taking the challenge, too, but this time I'm going to be a little easier on myself. Good luck!

  4. Good luck to you too! I tried to go a little easier on myself also. Small, reachable goals sometimes provides a little more success and less self-reproach :) I'm looking forward to seeing how you do.

  5. this is my first time joining the challenge! looking forward to your posts
    id love if you would visit my blog and check out my Summertime Pantry Challenge
    I bookmarked you so i can follow your progress and maybe get some ideas!

  6. Thanks for visiting - hopefully I'll have some good ideas to share :)