Sunday, July 31, 2011

Media and Your Homemaking

This week over at Women Living Well the topic is Media and Your Homemaking.  While most of my other posts have been negative about media, I'm going to admit that I think the media has been a tremendous boon to our homemaking skills!

Back in the day when I got married, a Betty Crocker cookbook was pretty much the go to book for recipes.  I did have other cookbooks but that was pretty much my primary resource, how cool is it that now anything you want to make is at the tip of your fingertips?  Not only recipes but any kind of cooking skill that you need to master.  I will admit to still pulling out my newlywed Betty Crocker cookbook on occasion, but I definitely go to the web to recreate foods that I have had at restaurants and loved!

Not only do I use the Internet for recipes but also for other homemaking stuff; napkin folding, formal table settings, questions about my flower garden, what to do if your dog eats chocolate, what to do if you child eats petroleum jelly - oh wait, that was before the Internet so we needed to call Poison Control!  I'm sure you get the idea, the Internet gives us all of our answers at our fingertips. 

For all the negative things that I feel the media advancement has brought us, the help that is available to us is amazing. 

What fun homemaking things have you looked up on the Internet?

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  1. I am constantly looking up organizing tips (hence, finding you through OrgJunkie)and storage ideas.

    I love to read blogs about others who struggle with keeping a home & meal planning - REAL people. (Like the ones whose kids eat petroleum jelly - or 2 pennies & a dime... BTW - it takes 3 days for a baby to 'make change')

    Other things I've looked up this summer are Birthday Party ideas (we had a pirate theme) and Garage Sale ideas/organizing tips (having one the end of Aug).

  2. I agree it's nice to see what real people do, even though sometimes they can make me feel inadequate too! To bad the baby couldn't give you a quarter for those two pennies and a dime :) Petroleum jelly isn't poisonous, but have you ever tried giving a baby a bath who has completely coated themselves? Kind of like a greased pig contest!

  3. I love the recipes, the decorating ideas and how to ideas. They cost a fortune to buy the book or magazine

  4. I'm always amazed by the creativity of some of the people on the internet. The recipes and ideas they come up with are unbelievable, aren't they?