Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Give Back Thursday

Last year the company that I worked for commissioned Gallup to poll their employees to see how engaged they were with the company. The questions were quite interesting; even though it felt like some of them were a little unnecessary (I don’t feel like I need a best friend at work!). As managers we received feedback as to how our employees felt and focused on areas of opportunities.

One of the areas highlighted for my group was that they wanted to be recognized more. When we discussed what this truly meant, the resounding theme was that they really wanted to celebrate the little things more often. Some of the suggestions included; getting a card for their birthday from the group, getting together more often for lunch, etc. Not major things in the scheme of life but important enough for the group to verbally express their desire for them.

I have a confession to make, one of my weaknesses is I don’t take enough time out of my day to show appreciation to the people who are important to me. Quite often I’m so focused on the goal that I can run over people trying to reach it. I took to heart what the team talked about and decided to start celebrating their birthdays. For each and every one member of my staff (there are 11 of them) I get them a birthday card (signed by the whole department) and a birthday cake from the bakery. Today at work is JoAnn’s birthday so my Give Back for the week is her cake. Since she never told me what her favorite flavor is we’re going with a white cake with white frosting. Otherwise known as my favorite :)
What was your give back for the week?

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  1. What a wonderful post! It is so nice that you are trying to remember your employees on their special day! I had a boss that always made your birthday SO special! She would buy us lunch, decorate the office and just make you feel so special. Thanks so much for linking up!!!

  2. I feel ya! I am a very goal-driven person and have to slow down to remember that there are others. :) Even as an adult, celebrating someone's birthday makes them feel so special. A lady at work made me cinnamon rolls for my birthday, and it made my day! :) That is so sweet that you are doing that. I'm sure she'll love that cake. =D

  3. Oops. I think I may have neglected to hit "post" just now with my comment. So, I will recap what I said.

    A strategy you might use to remember to offer words of appreciation is to pick a mundane, but regular thing that happens in your day -- hearing a door shut, walking under a door frame, going to the ladies room, stopping at a light or similar. When it happens, stop, look around, see someone and let them know something you genuinely appreciate about them.

  4. You're right, I do need to do it more often and throughout the day. Typically my trips to the ladies room are after thoughts when I'm just trying to make it there before I explode! It's truly about stopping and taking the time to appreciate those around you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. How awesome! My husband took Concannons (otherwise known as THE bakery) for his staff today. What a difference a little attention to give out blessings means. Enjoy your cake--my favorite, too!

  6. The cakes was delicious, I was hoping for a left over piece this morning but somebody beat me to it! I'm glad you're husband's staff enjoyed the treat. It is fun when you get a little something like that.