Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't Let the Kids Put Away the Groceries!

Just had to share with you what my pantry looks like after asking my son to put away groceries last night.  Guess what I'll be doing this evening.  Oh well, straightening up is a lot easier than going through and re-organizing.


  1. I'm waffling between sarcasm & groaning.... So here's both:

    Well isn't that NICE?!!!


    Ugh!!! Been there done that!

    I can give you two suggestions - both I've followed depending on my level of tolerance for the day....

    I have grumbled & re-done stuff myself... OR I have called whoever did the job wrong/crappy/not-at-all and re-instructed while I stood there & watched.

    Probably the 2nd suggestion is the better way to go, if I'm honest with myself. It shows them how to organize & how to do a job properly. It also teaches them that they have to be responsible for their actions & to accept responsibility for what they've done & how they've done a job. (Dang... how come the one that takes the most work/energy sounds like the one that's better for the kids... darn kids)

  2. LOL I think we have all been there. I have to agree with Livn' and say that I too have called then out to redo the job they just did. It will be a lesson well learned.

  3. Haha...that's what it looks like when I put groceries away. My 20 year old son always comes along behind us and organizes it!

  4. I'm going to be honest, I tend to waffle in these situations. The same things happens with my linen closet and I just say "at least the towels are put away"! I usually say the same thing with the pantry but since I've been trying to keep it organized it grated my nerves a little. I went ahead and straightened it up myself since he was going to be around for a few days but next time he's going to get it :)

  5. As a 60 something year old who is almost done raising 7 let me just say I am blessed that hubby made up the Rules of the Castle years ago and if my son left the pantry this way he had two choices straighten it or have a cash charge to his account. Now let me explain each of the kids had chores they were required to do as part of the family , then there were additional chores they could do off a running list to earn a bit of cash, then there were chores that they should do out of simply being asked by a tired parent. Every time extra chores were done cash was added to an account (fun money) every time that they did not complete a chore right cash backed out of the account if they were in the hole they had to work it off. The system worked wondefully! No yelling , no hurt feelings , It was baically like a job top preformance or no top pay.