Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giving Back Thursday - The Unplanned Giving

As I wrote last week I wanted to be more intentional in how I 'give back'.  Making sure that I'm continuously giving back is important.  I knew that my week was going to be pretty busy and that I had an overnight business trip  so I was a little worried about what I could do to help someone out.  I was thinking that I may need to write about the blueberries that our neighbor shared with us :)

Ask and you shall receive! Friday night we were watching Sherlock Holmes while Belle was having a sleepover (three girls downstairs in the family room).  About 8:30 someone knocked at our door, it was our next door neighbor asking if she could borrow one of our dogs.  It seems that their dog, Luigi, managed to escape from the fenced in yard.  Since Luigi is bethrothed to our dog Sophie, the neighbor thought she might be able to entice Luigi to come home.  Of course, the problem is she didn't know where he was.

I thought this was going to be a fairly quick endeavor so I put the dogs on leashes, told the husband where I was going and headed out barefoot.  I walked about a half mile (barefoot) before I realized we were probably in for a little longer haul.  Luigi's mom and dad as well as their friends that were visiting rode the neighborhood on bikes, Mike took out his motorcycle, we sent Michael out in his car while Belle, her three friends and I walked the neighborhood.

I was planning on sticking within view of the house in case he came home, I decided to check out the houses behind us.  Silly me, I decided to walk up the side of their house but forgot about the chicken wire they had up to keep the rabbits out.  Remember the Nestea plunge?  That's pretty much what I did but face forward.  My knees and wrist managed to catch me a little bit. My thanks for helping out resulted in a ruined pair of pants, a sprained wrist, bruised knees and a wrenched back!  Additionally, while I was walking the creek bordering the subdivision I became a tasty meal for the mosquitoes and they don't typically like my blood!

The good news is that after two hours of searching Luigi finally decided to come home.  I guess life on the lam wasn't as exciting as he thought it would be.  Either that or maybe he just came to see if he could entice Sophie to run away with him but we caught him first :)

What about you, did you have something you wanted to share for Give Back Thursday?

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  1. Wow, that takes Give Back Thursday to a whole new level! Is your wrist feeling better? I kept thinking the whole time while reading this, "I hope her feet were okay, too!" Thank you for linking up. We appreciate it! :)

  2. Wow...this is so funny. I will give you an A+ for trying.

  3. so glad the dog came home safe! to bad though that you couldn't say the same :o) the things we do for dogs and neighbors :0) thanks so much for joining!!!

  4. It was pretty comical, we're just thankful to have such fantastic neighbors that we're more than happy to go above and beyond when they need it. I know that they would do the same for us.

    Since I wrote this earlier in the week I'll give you an update:

    The laundry guru managed to salvage the pants. It took several trips to the washing machine and some scrubbing but he was able to get the stains out

    I have full range of motion in my wrist plus a lot of pretty colors running down my thumb and making a bracelet around my wrist :)

    My feet are fine, I put tennies on after the first 1/2 mile.

    Luigi rubbed his pads raw but as of Tuesday those seem to be pretty healed.

    Alls well that ends well :)

  5. You can't beat having great neighbors! While I have my parents next door, I would love having you on the other side of my house!

    I'm a new follower from the blog hop!
    Hope you'll hop by and visit my blog too!
    Have a great Sunday!

  6. Great neighbors do make for much more comfortable living. How awesome for you that your parents are next door, unless they're dropping in all the time :)

    You have a great blog! I love all the finds that you have posted, especially that Ideeli necklace. Thanks for stopping by.