Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today we are celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary.  I have now officially been married longer than I've been single.  It has been quite a ride filled with ups and downs but I'm so thankful that I've gotten to spend so much of my life with my soul mate. 
I was 14 when I fell for my husband (scary - that's how old our daughter is now).  Almost every morning of my freshman year I'd come up the spiral steps in the library at our high school and see him there - I thought he was pretty cute but he thought I was a little nerdy with my long hair and glasses.  The first day of my sophomore year I walked into typing class and there he was, I was hooked.  It wasn't until the following year when we had computer class together (computer classes 27 years ago were quite different than they are today) that I finally got him to notice me after well over a year of trying to get his attention.  OK, he definitely noticed me (it would have been hard not to with all the chasing I did) but it took him quite a while to work up the courage to ask me out.  He likes to say it was the haircut and contacts that finally won him over but I got those my freshman year so I still don't know why he would have waited so long!  When he did finally ask me out my friends didn't believe me, I had talked about him for so long they all thought I was teasing.  I sure showed them :)

Because of my husband's career I don't typically post a lot of pictures but I thought I'd share this wedding picture with you.  Frightening how young we looked!

Why yes, that would be a small mullet that he was sporting while I was a slave to the big curly 80's hair.  I can remember thinking back then that I would never go straight, but here I am applying a straightener to my hair every day.  Now they're saying the curly hair is coming back in?  Ugh!

We woke up that morning to storms but by the time of the ceremony the skies had cleared and it was beautiful.  However, it was so hot and humid that we needed to take a break during pictures because I almost fainted!  Those fairy princess dresses from the 80's were beautiful but they sure were hot.  Of course, my daughter would debate you as to how beautiful they were :)  I got my wedding gown out a couple of months ago to let my daughter try it on, it fit her like a glove (except in one area - she's still young yet!).  She told me she definitely doesn't want to wear it for her wedding so my plan is to have it made into two baptismal dresses, one for each of my kids.  Hopefully I'll have quite a few years before I need to get that done :)

Our plan for tonight is to go out to dinner with our kids to our favorite steak place.  Why would we take the kids, you ask?  Since our kids are older we actually get a lot of alone time, more than we do family time.  I think celebrating the day together as a family is a good way of honoring the marriage.
Do you have any anniversary traditions you'd like to share?

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