Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Weiners

Bacon Wrapped Weiners
1 package of Little Smokies
1 package of bacon
Box of toothpicks
Brown sugar

Without tearing the bacon apart, cut it into three seperate sections.  Keep one section out and refrigerator the rest, the bacon is easier to work with if it's cold.  Separate each piece of bacon in the section, wrap it around a Little Smokie and pierce with a toothpick to hold it together.  Continue on until you are completely done with your bacon and Little Smokies.

At this point you have two options. I prefer to line up my bacon wrapped weiners in a 9x13 pan, cover them with brown sugar and cook in the overn for 30-45 minutes on 425. Once they are done I put them in a slow cooker and take them to the party.

The other option is to be them directly into the crockpot, cover them with brown sugar and cook them on high for a few hours.  You will know that they are ready to eat when the bacon is cooked.

Do you have any specialties you like to take to a cook-out?

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  1. I so wish I was more organized. Our dinners are decided upon about the time everyone gets hungry and depends on what is in the pantry at the moment...and if anyone wants to make a trip to the store!

  2. OH I love the little smokies wrapped in bacon. It's one of my favorite appetizers to bring to parties. I actually found turkey sausages and used some turkey bacon to make a lighter version but there was no comparison to the real deal.